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Anchor 5
Andrew Vasa // Vocals
Richard Dale // Guitars/Vocals
Max Davis // Guitars
Carl Christophe Ferre-Lang // Bass
Joshua Hammans // Drums





Origin:  Denton, TX

Genre:  Melodic Death Metal

Est. 2013



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Management // Extreme Managment Group
Mark Muller
Joann Gullo
Richard Dale


BRUTALODY was formed in Spring 2013 from the ashes of the Denton, TX based metal band Descendant, originally formed by guitarist Richard Dale. During this time, Richard began writing new songs incorporating the lethal combination of modern extreme metal’s intensity in conjunction with catchy melodies showcasing an old school persona.


Richard put together a tentative lineup with drummer Josh Hammans and guitarist Dennis Dumesnil where they recorded the initial demo, "Black Omen". The demo secured rave reviews from fans and press sparking a strong buzz for BRUTALODY. The band made a lot of headway with their demo by performing all around Texas and Oklahoma and created an excellent launch pad for the bands future plans.


With the addition of vocalist Andrew Erikkson Vasa (Previously in: Neverdead, Withered Dreams & No Souls Lost) and guitarist Max Davis (Previously in: Sexorcist & Reverse Order), the band renamed to Brutalody and recorded their new single, "Ending the Beginning". Soon after, BRUTALODY got to work on their debut EP "The Usurper", which resulted in a more dynamic and hard-hitting sound leading to high appraise from fans and press worldwide.


BRUTALODY’S popularity grew quickly giving them a strong foothold with local and regional fans. Shortly after the demo was released, the band got to work on a self-titled release that was recorded, produced and engineered by the band. The self-titled release was received with much acclaim, including standup reviews from various webzines and print magazines from around the world such as RockHard.


Since the bands inception, BRUTALODY kept supporting their releases and remained active by playing shows with notable acts such as Abigail Williams, Erimah, Wretched, Prophecy, Hemlock, Turbid North, The Destro and many more.


In 2016, BRUTALODY joined the elite ranks of Extreme Management Group alongside heavy hitters in metal such as Suffocation, Cattle Decapitation, Origin, Decrepit Birth, Rings of Saturn and many more. BRUTALODY is currently in the final recording stages of their full-length album "Divine Right of Kings”, and supporting their release with an onslaught of live shows. 

Past Shows


01/13: Denton, TX @ The Abbey Underground


01/15: Denton, TX @ The Boiler Room w/Wrought of Obsidian, The Spectacle, Turbid North

01/29: Fort Worth, TX  @ Tomcat's West w/Infidel Rising, ASKA, Sole Survivor

03/13: Dallas, TX @ Reno's Chop Shop w/Bloodgeon, Psychiatric Regurgitation, Maldevera

07/22: Denton, TX @ The Abbey Underground


05/29: Denton, TX @ Andy's Bar w/Ryeden, SquareOne, Inherit the Horror

08/07: Denton, TX  @ The Boiler Room w/The Spectacle

11/07: Denton, TX  @ Andy's Bar w/Wrought of Obsidian, Core of Desolation


01/11: Fort Worth, TX  @ Tomcat's w/Exalt the Throne, Tarim

01/24: Dallas, TX  @ Liquid Lounge w/The Black Moriah, Dei Aemeth, Sardonic Witchery, Dead Rising

02/01: Fort Worth, TX @ Tomcat's w/Abigail Williams, Erimah

02/15: Dallas, TX  @ Wit's End w/SquareOne, Ribcage

02/28: Dallas, TX  @ The Curtain Club w/My Son My Executioner, The Crimson Veil

04/20: Dallas, TX  @ The Curtain Club w/In Search of Sight, Lizard Professor

05/23: Denton, TX  @ Andy's Bar w/Storm the Sun, Sparrows 

06/06: Dallas, TX  @ The Curtain Club w/Design of Destiny, Dei Aemeth, Wake the Dreamless

07/26: Dallas, TX  @ Reno's Chop Shop w/The Crimson Veil, Wrought of Obsidian

09/26: Denton, TX  @ Andy's Bar w/Ashes of the Forgotten

11/08: Fort Worth, TX  @ The Rail Club w/ASKA

12/20: Fort Worth, TX  @ The Rail Club w/Neziru


08/30: Dallas, TX  @ Wit's End w/Ashes of the Forgotten

09/21: Dallas, TX  @ The Boiler Room w/Kill Ritual

10/12: Denton, TX  @ Hailey's w/Dead Rising, Electric Vengeance

10/19: Arlington, TX  @ M&B Event Center w/The Great Hanging

11/15: Denton, TX  @ Andy's Bar w/Wrought of Obsidian


"Honestly, the name describes everything you’ll get with Brutalody. Three tracks of heavy death metal riffing and bellowing roars amidst some hyper-catchy leadwork and melodies a la older In Flames and Soilwork. There are even a few clean vocals that are more power metal-esque (as opposed to the more “commercial” variety) and a nice acoustic passage in “Sonic Lust” to help round things out. Certainly not the most original sound on the planet, but it’s so catchy that it’s been in heavy rotation for the last two months and deserves a bigger audience than it’s currently seeing." – Kyle McGinn


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"I love the album for all of it's twist and turns, nothing about the album really struck me as weak. Which, honestly, is a rarity among local bands. The guitar and vocals match up well during the choruses and pre-choruses and nothing ever strays from the topic they have at hand in each song. If someone stole this album I would have to kill him because it's way too good of an album to give up." -Shiookami


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